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Benefits of Xylitol

In the 1970's, Finnish scientist documented xylitol's benefits, including the reported ability to prevent dental plaque, dry mouth, and bad breath, along with its unique ability to remineralize tooth enamel. More broadly defined as a carbohydrate, it has a sweet taste similar to sucrose, but with 33 percent fewer calories. Xylitol can be considered a tooth friendly sugar alcohol since it does not promote dental caries or tooth decay. Xylitol has the same approximate sweetness as table sugar, but with 1/3 less calories. 1 gram of xylitol has just 2.4 calories to sugar's 3.87 calories. Xylitol has the same amount of carbohydrates per serving as sugar. Because xylitol has approximately the same sweetness as sugar it makes it quite easy to substitute  when cooking.